A thousand thanks….

To Seth Glier, my producer, for your ever-present, abundant humor and boundless creativity which brought pure collaborative joy to this entire project — and for my intro to turkey tail mushrooms, now I know I’ll never starve in the woods; to Ellis Paul for your invaluable insights and tireless, straight-on encouragement that only folks from “the County” understand; to my friend and voice coach throughout this project, Judi Vinar, for showing me what it means to start empty with every song and then fill it with your soul; to Andrew Oedel at Ghost Hit Recording for your wizardry at the sound board; to my wife, Sue, my loving critic, for your patience week after week as I repeatedly test-drove each song, for your candor and unwavering support, all born of a love I get to call mine every day; to Andrew, Zoë, Sarah, Nishant and Adil for willingly listening to all those trial runs; and to those friends who listened so many times and shared thoughtful critique and insight all along the way, you know who you are.

To the extraordinary musicians and singers who gave each song its signature sound and uplifted the story in every one: Abbie Gardner, Antje Duvekot, Colin Jalbert, Ellis Paul, Kelly Halloran, Laurie MacAllister, Reed Sutherland, Rob Griffith, Ryan Hommel and Seth Glier.